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This week, will you use your words to discourage or to empower? (Same goes for the words you tell yourself…)

This week’s shocking statistic..of disempowerment:

1 out of 4 kids has been bullied; 1 out 5 admits to having bullied someone else; 43% go to school in fear of harassment; 8% miss 1 day of school a month for fear of bullies…Let’s teach children to use their words to empower.

Learn more: www.wordrebel.org

Words to live by:

“Nothing reduces the odds against you like ignoring them.” Robert Brault

“…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.” Eckhart Tolle

“If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.” Johanne von Goethe

Empower yourself and others (…to be less like this!):

MILQUETOAST: Doormat or wet blanket.


Thank you for sharing the words that changed your life during our “Words Have Power” Challenge. Appreciate the extent to which your words can empower (or disempower) as you read the following memoir, I Was Not College Material, by Irene Granderson:

“When I was fourteen years old, I heard words that affected my life for many years. I was in junior high school and struggling with Algebra, which seemed like an impenetrable mystery to me. One problem was that I arrived in Junior High with little preparations in math. This struggle affected my self-esteem and I felt stupid. I think now that the teacher was impatient. During a brief counseling session with me, she was quite disparaging about my plans to attend the High School I had chosen.

“Really, Irene, I would advise you not to attend an academic High School. I’m aware that‘s your interest, but I can see by your struggles in math, that you are not college material. You don’t need an academic degree.”

“But Mrs. Givens, I want to go to college. I know there’s so much more I want to learn.” I answered.

Mrs. Givens, a small slender woman with short grey hair, looked exasperated and replied, “Wanting is one thing and not being able is another matter.” I remained silent…” Read More

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READ NIGHT BEFORE FIRST GRADE for FREE online (simply sign up for wegivebooks.org).

READ ELVES & SHOEMAKER from your phone or device.

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO-BOOK: MELISA THE MONKEY online or read it for free in a corner of your local library.

BUILD VOCABULARY: Teach your child 1-2 school-age vocabulary words ( #6 below) a day by using them in your daily speech.

TEACH ONE THOUSAND WORDS because Preschoolers who know 1,100 words are more likely to graduate from high school on time. Start by teaching a words a day:  HEAD, HEALTH, HEARD, HEART, HIGH, HILL, HIPPO, HOLE

READ FOR A PURPOSE: Ask the questions (common-core aligned) teachers will ask, “List adjectives to describe the main character. What specific words and illustrations in the text helped you describe the character?”

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