“Bring Light to the Darkness”

I want to express my gratitude for everyone helping to close the word gap. I hope that you are able to follow your bliss and embrace your highest purpose in every moment of every day. Because of you, the community partners, parents and children we serve are empowered to do just that. By spreading the word, you are giving parents the knowledge and tools they need to teach their child just one extra word a day before sending them to preschool. Because of you, this preschooler is now on track to graduate, on-time, alongside his high-income peers. Thank you!

Keep shining your light! It’s easy, share this week’s “spread the word” via email and social media:


This week’s shocking statistic:

On average, a child with 1 book in the home will make it through 9th grade, while a child with 20 books in the home will make it though 12th grade.

Use your words to fight inequality: www.wordrebel.org


Don’t forget to build your own vocabulary:

Noctilucous: Moon that shines beautifully in the night.


Quote’s to live by:

“Only by its own roots does a tree stand tall and only by its own light does the sun shine brightly and bring life to the world. So it is with you – only when you’re trusting, loving and rooted in your true Self will the life that is your highest potential begin to manifest. Only when you are walking on the path of your highest potential will you ever be able to shine brightly and bring light to the darkness in others.” Anonymous


Since Word Rebel’s mission is to close the word-deficit, we are responsible for tracking and reporting our actual impact. This is why our community partners ask parents to volunteer for a longitudinal study to track long-term reading growth.

This week, I received a phone call from a concerned Word Rebel parent. She said that she loved the information and resources she received so far, and wanted to make sure she could participate in the study. She was concerned that she would not qualify since her child’s first language was not English. I assured her that we would value her participation completely!

Since increasing a child’s vocabulary in any language will also improve English language skills, Word Rebel caters to all language backgrounds. We are excited to continue to reach parents invested in their child’s future!


SUBSCRIBE to receive one free downloadable book a week.

READ Oh the Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Suess for free in a corner of your local bookstore or library.

BUILD VOCABULARY: Write or tell your own stories about your childhood, school experience, happiest memories, parenthood, etc. and read/tell them to your child.



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