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  • Millions are spent on early childhood and education reform, even though preschool is too late to close the 600 word deficit that divides low and high-income preschoolers.
  • By preschool, a high-income child knows 1,100 words, while a low-income child knows 500.
  • By third grade, a child reading below grade level is 6 times less likely to graduate from high school on time.
  • By high school, high-income students are 4 years ahead and know 15,000 more words than their low-income peers


  • The most accurate predictor of a child’s academic success is the number of books in the home.
  • The determining factor in a child’s success is the number of words their caregiver speaks to them from birth to three.


  • Word Rebel fights the 600 word deficit that divides low and high income preschoolers to close the achievement gap before it starts.
    • We provide the tools parents and caregivers need to increase child vocabulary from birth to three.
    • We raise awareness that the achievement gap starts with the number of words caregivers speak to children before preschool.


  • We establish community partnerships with free and subsidized day cares, pediatricians and pre-natal clinics.
    • In collaboration with community partnerships, we connect parents to free, pre-exisiting vocabulary building tips and resources.
    • We send parents one free downloadable children’s book every week via email
    • We connect parents to free books and childcare in their community.
    • We maintain parent contact to monitor success.


Find out more: www.wordrebel.org

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