Use Words to Fight Inequality

Thank you again for helping to close the word gap! Remember to not let a week go by without using your words to rebel against inequality. Spread the word to your network: Donate as little as $10 and 100% will support programs and services.

Want to contribute but don’t have the cash?
It’s easy, see below to copy, paste and share this week’s “spread the word” via email and social media:

This week’s shocking statistic:

“While de jure (by right/law) segregation was outlawed in 1969, de facto (in fact/reality) segregation persists in most schools. In 2010, 19 of the 32 Public School Districts in New York City had 10% or less white students”  (Kucsera & Orfield 2014).

Use your words to rebel against inequality:

Words to live by:

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves”
Thomas Edison

Don’t forget to build your own vocabulary:

Alexithymia: Too excited or nervous to explain what you are feeling.

Intern spotlight:

Our founding intern, Yusef Hall, helped make Word Rebel’s mission possible by establishing our very first community partnership.
Yusef is my former student and is currently an 18 year old eleventh grader from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A proud and protective older brother, Yusef has an impressive motivation to learn and grow as a student and individual. Yusef always sought out every opportunity for extra support and raised his test scores over twenty points this past year (through extensive reading)! In addition to his studies, Yusef had a new independent reading book every week, often giving me reading recommendations as well! When I asked a group of students the one thing they wanted to experience over the summer to make it a worthwhile vacation, Yusef said: “I want to share Word Rebel with the free clinics in my neighborhood.” Two months later, Yusef has done just that!


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READ The Awesome Book, by Dallas Clayton for free in a corner of your local bookstore or library.

BUILD VOCABULARY: If you or a caregiver is not available to read, set up a computer, phone or MP3 player to play audio versions of books.



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